Category: Top 10 mobile phones

Apple iPhone XS

Buy For Terrific performance Superior display Excellent cameras Beware of No expandability of storage Verdict The Apple iPhone XS is one of the finest smartphones ever by the most trusted brand in the world. It has everything one can imagine in a phone, a classy look, extremely superior display with widescreen, fast charging capability as

Honor View 20 256GB

Buy For Excellent display Amazing cameras Robust configuration Massive storage Good battery backup Verdict The Honor View 20 256GB is an excellent flagship device from the Chinese company. The stunning display is a major highlight. Coming to the performance, it can be suitable for gaming and multitasking usage. Apart from that, the battery backup is

OnePlus 6T

Buy For Great configuration Excellent set of cameras Crisp display properties Beware of Non-expandable memory Verdict The OnePlus 6T, being a baton-bearer of the company following the 6, is an amazing smartphone in almost every department. The configuration, amazing set of camera and the superfine display reveal its feature prowess. The battery is decent enough

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Buy For Waterproof and Dustproof body Robust configuration Ample amount of storage Superb cameras Supports fast and wireless charging Beware of Average battery backup Verdict The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the best smartphones in this price segment. It impresses the user on all grounds. It is an excellent performer featuring a wide

Apple iPhone X

Buy For Face ID security Outstanding cameras Excellent display Powerful performance VerdictThe Apple iPhone X is one of the most groundbreaking launches from Apple as far as both technology and design are concerned. Each and every department is richly fed with the most that you could get. And since the new iPhone X loses the

Google Pixel 3 XL

Buy For Sharp display Superior configuration Quick charging Beware of Non-expandable memory Verdict The Google Pixel 3 XL has everything to be a flagship smartphone and being from one of the highly rated brands across the world, reliability in the performance is guaranteed. It has been nicely designed to satisfy users in almost every aspect.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Buy For Robust configuration Impressive cameras Quick Charge Ample storage Verdict The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does not only impress with its design but also with its powerful performance. The strong configuration outputs a great performance while playing gaming and doing multitasking. The camera quality is simply amazing and a good amount of storage is

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Buy For Stimulating OLED screen Powerful configuration  Striking cameras Bulky battery VerdictWith a flagship price-tag, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is certainly is one, from that beautiful near bezel-less OLED screen which delivers true to life visuals to the formidable configuration underneath that powers this beast through any task and the most extensive apps with

Apple iPhone XS Max

Buy For Immersive display Excellent set of cameras Ample battery backup Beware of Insufficient storage Verdict The Apple iPhone XS Max is a premium device that offers all premium features. The camera is capable of clicking pictures of high qualities. The display is perfect for gaming and multimedia purposes and also comes with all kinds