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  • Face ID security
  • Outstanding cameras
  • Excellent display
  • Powerful performance

VerdictThe Apple iPhone X is one of the most groundbreaking launches from Apple as far as both technology and design are concerned. Each and every department is richly fed with the most that you could get. And since the new iPhone X loses the home button and the fingerprint scanner on it, the FaceID is what replaces it, big time.Generations aheadDisplay and design
The Apple iPhone X, launched alongside the iPhone 8, has a stunning display that eventually turns out to be the stand-out feature with an edge-cutting super Retina, bezel-less 5.8-inch screen. The sharp resolution of 1,125 x 2,436 pixels enhances the crystal-clear viewing experience. The dazzling full-sized screen is as immersive as never before.
This new iPhone 10 employs elegantly-curved corners and a small space on the top of the screen that houses the front camera and the ground-breaking technology, the Face ID. Wrapped in a surgical grade steel and durable glass, the new iPhone is ever so sturdy, and water and dust proof at the same time.
The Apple iPhone X uses a powerful processor, which is being considered as the most reliable ever seen on an iPhone. The device has a 2.39GHz Monsoon dual-core processor along with a 1.42GHz Mistral quad-core processor. The processors are further coupled with a 3GB RAM. Moreover, the introduction of the newest A11 Bionic chipset, that works in tandem with the attached quad-core CPU, along with a dual-core performance booster makes it around 25% faster in performance than its predecessor.

Camera and storage

All of the goodness of an Apple camera is now a part of the iPhone X. It could well be the art of photographic excellence simplified. It has got the dual 12MP cameras on the rear panel which holds the fastest and largest smartphone camera lens ever. These fast sensors, optical image stabilisation (on both cameras), back-illuminated sensor and 1.8f aperture will make every shot a masterpiece. The 7MP front camera also has the goodness of a BSI sensor and Retina flash.
As other iPhones, the iPhone 10 does not have an external storage option. But the 64GB internal storage more than makes up for the loss.

Battery and connectivity

The Apple iPhone X is powered by 2,716mAh Li-ion battery which claims to deliver a backup of around 21 hours. It is enabled with wireless charging and quick-charging.  Moreover, in terms of the connectivity, the smartphone comes with a 4G SIM slot, advanced Bluetooth v5, A-GPS with Glonass and NFC.


The iPhone X is a strange beast – it scores in almost all respects, yet has its share of quirks. Personally, I like the fact that it’s much more compact in comparison to the Plus-sized iPhones I have been using so far, yet offers a bigger screen. I can understand why it’s heavily in demand – it’s the iPhone that stands out even in a sea of other iPhones. For the first time in years, Apple has gone ahead and given its flagship smartphone a complete makeover, and considering how popular the brand’s smartphones are globally, it’s understandable that people are queuing up to buy it. It’s not as if you’re getting something significantly more capable with the iPhone X, since the 8 Plus is almost equally capable. Apart from the flaunt value, the only few things that you’d miss out if you choose to go with the 8 Plus instead are mainly the Portrait Lighting mode on the front camera and the so-called Animoji. The latter are animated emojis that use the iPhone X’s Face ID feature to imitate your facial movements, and can be shared with others via iMessage or saved as small video files. They’re fun, but the novelty tends to wear off in a few days.Related read: Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note8To sum it all up, you can still opt for the 8 Plus if you want to play it safe (and don’t want to spend the iPhone X’s asking price). On the Android side, there are quite a few flagships that you could consider, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note8 (review) or even the Google Pixel 2 XL (review), despite the latter’s reported issues. The iPhone X, if you’re loaded enough to buy one, is for you if you want to make a statement, or want to live on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a trophy gadget that you can show off proudly, smug in the knowledge that you`re holding a piece of the future. You don’t need it, but you know you want it. Good luck with finding one to buy though.

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